Monday, July 5, 2010

First Day of True Unemployment

Well, I didn't think it would come so soon, but here it is: the first day I truly have no obligations to anything, not even my side hustles. Generally, since my first days of unemployment, I did like any other bum would do and went around spending money and traveling to visit my friends in other cities. Naturally, that had to come to an end as I realized that these friends, like normal productive citizens in America, would have to return to work and my crashing on their couches was no longer a feasible way to keep from facing the truth: I am careerless.

Since it's been a short few weeks since I graduated, I know many other people are in this boat. I didn't really have a problem as I donned my grad cap in May because I assumed someone would find me on the street and would offer me either a spot on the next America's Next Top Model season, a job as Simon Cowell's replacement, or simply $1 million. I don't really have any skills that are marketable right now, so this assumption seemed valid that life would just hand me what I deserved because the Bible says "Ask and you shall receive" but I have yet to receive a personalized invite from Tyra or Randy Jackson. Considering it's July and this has yet to happen, it might be time to do something, hence this blog.

For whoever ends up reading this, you should go to my older blogs and read them, if not, I might get so inspired that I just reblog what I already blogged there to make sure it gets some action as well. I spent the better part of this day (basically from 3 AM to 4 PM) laying in bed half asleep, I thought I'd give the public what it wanted, since life was denying me my desires, and so now I'm writing again!

This is just an intro into what I can only describe as a journey through the eyes of Melissa. I often have thoughts about life and the people I encounter, but no outlet to share them. I'll try my best to update this more than I did in Europe and at somewhat of a scheduled pace, but chances are that I won't because I'll be too busy finding kids to babysit, not brushing my teeth for $250, or playing around with the disabled. (disclaimer: theses have been my side hustles for the past 4 years and will likely continue to be as long as I have no job).

For now, just leave this with the thought that the next entry might be more entertaining.

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