Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Musical Night

I realized I hadn't written in a while and was shocked that I've left out a very momentous and memorable night.

I decided to start my own Make a Wish-type foundation for those recent grads who didn't do some certain and necessary things while in school. My first wish to be granted was to take my friend Bmark to a concert, since he's never been to one...which in itself is crazy enough to me because I used to be the scene kid in high school posting up at the local joint, Ziggy's, listening to music I had never heard then commenting on the wicked rifts and guitar solos...totally emo.

No one I knew was coming to play in the area, so we settled on an unknown yet myspace approved artist showcasing his lyrical stylings and all together too tight pants at a bar/club. As soon as we stepped on the scene, it was all teenie boppers then some weird older couples that I determined were either looking for someone to swing with that night or just waiting on their kids. I quickly remembered my days of getting my mom to drop me off at shows while I made sure my butterfly clips were in place so I fit in...yea...

We quickly grabbed beers to both assert our non-teenage-ness and that we were there for a party. It was a good move.

The bands were pretty okay, but the night was ending at 10, and this is just unacceptable for a weekend night at my age so we moseyed over to a hole in the wall that was offering $2 PBR, the drink of champions and the choice of the night. Before scoping out our surroundings, I ordered us one and then turned around to see only lesbians aged 40+ and a random dude getting his jollies. Apparently we'd stumbled upon the stronghold of older hippies without realizing it. There was a band playing a song that was called "Sin, sin, sin, sin to be saved," if that gives you any sense of what this place had in store for us. The lead singer was about 4'10" and wore a rocking flannel shirt as she eyed her large and in charge guitarist lady. It was a match made in heaven. But alas, we downed the drinks as quickly as possible to avoid getting hit on then headed on.

We ended up a fratastic bar with a little guy playing piano. We sat down and immediately saw a couple bound to bed. This couple was extraordinary because you could tell neither of them usually let loose. The chick donned a cardigan and a below the knee skirt whilst the man-friend wore the usual frat uniform of a button down and khaki slacks. The girl's cardigan was unbuttoned for extra exposure and her Indian suitor followed by showing off his belly through an unbuttoned Oxford. They were dancing the night away but as the boy broke away for a pee break, the girl sat down and was visibly contemplating whether she should escape or leave with the round fellow. She squinted her eyes and stroked her chin but as the boy came toward her, she stepped up to him, kissed the heck out of him and they immediately left. Yet another match made in heaven/ the Crunkleton.

The rush of emotions throughout the evening can be summed up as follows: old, young and out of place, jealous. I think you catch my drift.

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