Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Double Header

Though I was virtually unknown in high school (see prior entry), I did have a group of friends whom I had the joy of reuniting with this weekend over the nuptials of Bcourtney and Bill (damn, my way to hide identity is faulted).

In true form, we started Friday evening at our local haunt, Big Shotz. Most consider this place a restaurant serving beer, however, for us, it is a bar and the location of the infamous $400 tab, so it was a natural choice for the evening. Yet, after having been labeled a townie, I had to point out that despite the live music and 40+ crowd, this was not the place to be for the evening. So we headed downtown after eating dinner.

Not truly being a townie, I still do not know where youngin's my age hang out so we ended up at another 40+ crowd kinda place, though this one did not serve French onion soup. We went downstairs to avoid being seen through the windows in the front and to get in on some prime darts real estate.

A few waters later, we decided this place was not for us and we should stalk some 22 year old looking people to another place. We quickly saw a fratty hopping bar and clambered up to the door to be let in. Considering it was 1:30 AM, they wouldn't let us in unless we paid a cover, obviously. So we looked to each other for a viable option but lucky for us, a loud and observant man gestured toward us and we followed.

He promised a dance floor and no cover. We were quickly ushered in and got our dance on. The music was bumping for our group of 6 and we loved it. Then some sketchy dudes started to sandwich Bcolleen and I did my girly rescue rescue by pulling her away. She apparently was not asking for help, like I had thought, and instead was enjoying the bump and grind of the strangers and thus returned to dance floor. We were owning this place. It felt good to both start and end the party at a bar.

The next morning I checked my account to see the damage only to find a charge at a Thai restaurant that I was certain I had not eaten any $6 worth of food. As it turns out, downtown restaurants in addition to suburb restaurants, become clubs once the sun sets. I'm learning things as I settle into my townie status.

Later the next day, Bian, Bcaro, Bandrew and I set off for the matrimony. We were 20 minutes late in leaving because the boys couldn't tie their ties, so I sped down the highway to the wedding and failed to notice that down a gravel road, you're supposed to go 20 miles per hour instead of the 40 I was doing. We pulled up in a cloud of dust as the parents of the bride reached the front of the aisle and everyone looked over to see what hooligan was rolling up so cacophonously (I'm studying for the GRE so I might be putting some large words in here to review).

Despite our raucous entrance, the wedding went off without a hitch and was beautiful. If anything, it reminded me that I've been slacking on my man hunt and need to get out there more.

It was a great weekend that ended on Sunday with Lady Gaga concerting and spreading her business as she asked Jesus to show her his teeth. Very eventful and disturbing.

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