Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Local Celeb Encounter

Throughout my life, I've come to know many people only by the nicknames they either acquired via others or by my brother and I. These people included Scary Terri, Harriet Potter, Stache, Black Rob, and Big Lorey. After I moved home, for some unknown reason, I assumed everyone was either gone figuratively (like to another city) or literally (deceased). If I hadn't seen them in the past 4 years, they were gone...I learned this was an untrue statement and many of the rumors I may have inadvertently spread were false.

In keeping with finding places to play trivia, I ended up at a pub downtown with Bpotter. After sucking at every round, we were gonna call it a night, that is until Big Lorey was spotted. I had been convinced he had Tupac-ed out years ago and this sighting was like seeing Harry from "Harry and the Hendersons." I had to get photographic proof that he did exist.

Not being particularly acquainted with BL, I had to get a Guinness to gear me up. Bpotter and I sat down and awaited the perfect time, but exhaustion was coming quickly and I wasn't sure if he had peaced out (in this context, I mean from the bar). He glided past us and I took the opportunity to grab him from behind to get his attention.

I may or may not have stuck my nails in his back while I exclaimed "LOREY!" He turned around, completely not recognizing the girl who had just attacked him. I quickly went into the conversation with a sense of acquaintance-ness. He followed suit and said, "Oh wow, how have you been??" I was on his good side.

After a minute of chit-chat, I threw the camera to Bpotter and requested a quick photo opp. He stared at me and asked if I was going to put the photo on facebook, for some reason my reply of "Oh no way, this is just for memories!" seemed appropriate. Had he been paying more attention, he would have asked what memories he would want with a girl he didn't even know...luckily, after the photo, I began to complain about being unemployed and he told me about his job that he has to support his 3 year old daughter. I was a little jealous of his income, so I had to leave.

To this moment, I'm positive BL wouldn't be able to identify me even if I tagged him on facebook and friended him. Oh, the joys of having been unknown in high school.

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