Monday, February 21, 2011

A Few Changes

As anyone can see, I had to change this blog up a bit. After a few, real and real long months of unemployment, your girl's got a job...even though it could potentially still be considered a hustle because it's a temp position...but it's a legit desk job of sorts!

I know, I know. How do I go from sleeping like a sloth and doing the damn thing every which way I like to sitting behind a desk 9-5 doing computery things and no longer sticking it to the man by doing untaxable work? Well, a girl's gotta eat and earn that dough to get my pretty girl rock back on track. When your mom starts to notice that you haven't been showering because you "don't feel dirty," it probably means your life's heading in the wrong direction. And honestly, I could only work so many holiday stores till I realized, hey I'm not making any money!

Aside from procuring employment, I have also moved to the District to somehow start my life as a Real Housewife of DC. I think I can be a real housewife without ever having been married nor living in a house. All you gotta do is hustle and flow, right? Or maybe that's just in Atlanta.... The series kind of hit a wall in DC because they didn't have the crazy aka Melly C factor and I'm here to revamp that, from the living room of Berica and Bhadley on an air mattress. But it's not an ordinary, one layer Aero bed. This mess is nice! A double layer of gaseous pleasurable sleep, so nice.

And now that I have an income, if I play my insider trading cards right, I could quickly be rich...right? Where's Martha when you need her? I guess I'll just have to make some connects...but legit ones not from my galavants in bars that now are not happening (unless I'm wingwomaning one of mah gurls). I have been made a semi-honest woman by Bpotter, my bif, and can no longer respectably hit on dudes in suits at the bar in hopes of a loveless, money rich marriage. I'm doing some real ish that don't include collecting red heads and biracial midgets experiences.

Despite having given into the corporate world, I downloaded some sweet Weezy and Kid Cudi mixtapes off this website fo' free and so when I'm in my fancy work clothes and looking laced tighty whitey, I'm secretly rockin' out to some Lupe and Wiz Khalifa. Take that, people who shut down my Limewire!

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  1. Congrats on a job! where do you work and what do you do? now you can chill with jax up in the District, jealous I'm considering looking for jobs there once my year of volunteering ends in August